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Welcome to Old Dominion Kennel -- Sproodles & Doodles

We are located in the scenic countryside of southern Virginia centrally between Richmond, Charlottesville, Lynchburg and Danville.  We are also within two hours of Raleigh, Durham and Greensboro in North Carolina. We are situated on nearly 30 acres of land and enjoy spending time outdoors with our children and four legged kids! 

Our family has expanded our love of dogs into the namesake of Old Dominion Kennel with the goal of providing other families with the highest quality puppies with the same loving, devoted nature of the parent dogs.

We offer a variety of unique family pets including our very popular Sproodles, in various colors and patterns.  We are also the first in the US to introduce the more rare Merle Mini & Moyen Sproodles!  We are confident that we can provide the perfectly well rounded puppy to enrich your family.  

A bit about our family...

We are blessed to live in the country on over 30 acres, a perfect haven for our children and doggies.  Animals have always been a passion of mine and I cannot imagine a life without a dog companion.  I (Michele) have worked in the medical field for over 20 years and now enjoy my day career as an Occupational Therapist, serving our rural area.  My husband has owned and operated his own business for over 15 years and our flexibility with our careers allows us the opportunity to raise our beautiful puppies...of course with the wonderful help of family and friends when times get busy!  We are very fortunate to be able to put forth funds and time back into our program to ensure the upmost care for our parent dogs...a very important factor when choosing a breeder to be assured the parent dogs are well kept and able to enjoy a good quality of life.  

Thanks for visiting and be sure to contact us with any questions or just to talk "dogs"!

Old Dominion Kennel
Saxe, VA 23967

And a bit about our breeding philosophy at ODK...

--We strive to provide our parent dogs with the utmost care, attention, health and housing to be able to provide puppies in the most ethical practice.  All of our dogs receive vet care, regular grooming and daily attention.

--Our parent dogs are not merely 'breeding' dogs, they are a part of our family and a part of our every day living.  We raise our parent dogs with our children and other pets, house train and teach basic obedience.

--Despite our name, our dogs are NOT kenneled 24/7 as many breeders!  Our dogs run freely and play together each day, weather permitting, in their secured 2 acre play yard- only to be kenneled at bed time for safety.

--We provide a heated/cooled kennel building to provide a comfortable and CLEAN environment for our puppies to be raised in.  That being said, our puppies are introduced to various environments/experiences while here and they are lucky enough to be spoiled and 'broken in well' by our little ones:)

Heated & Cooled Kennel Building
Mom & Puppies in specifically designed birthing boxes
Love our Kuranda cots which offer durability and comfort for napping!
Welcome to the home of Old Dominion Kennel-  Sproodles & Doodles Rule Our Roost!!
Doggie Play Yard-- great combination of sun and shade throughout the day.
Our 'Puppy Shed' welcomes you to pick up your new bundle of joy!  We have a safe & clean space for our guests to meet and pick up their new pups- cleaned & sanitized between each guest for optimal safety of our puppies and puppy families!
"My husband and I bought a puppy from Old Dominion Kennel in February of 2020. We've both had dogs our whole lives, but we have NEVER had a dog as sweet, loving and good natured as our Piper. She's a Springer Doodle. Her parents are momma Lizzy and daddy Bugsy. We wouldn't hesitate for one minute to buy another puppy from them. They are very honest people who love their dogs (and puppies) and would never over breed them. They definitely are not a puppy mill. Their dogs and puppies are shown love and affection immediately by their kids. This is how you end up with good, loving dogs. Even though the puppies are going to forever homes, they are cared for and loved as though they are their own dogs. We can't say enough good things about this kennel and the people who own and operate it. If anyone would like more information on our experience with Old Dominion Kennel, feel free to reach out to me. If we ever decide to get another puppy, there is no question at all where we will get it from. If you get a puppy from Old Dominion, you won't regret it for one minute. I guarantee it."
A Testimonial provided by Lori B,

For additional reviews please visit our Facebook page or contact to request a list of references.