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Past Sproodle Pups Growing Up
What in the world is a Sproodle? (AKA Springerdoodle...Springerpoo...Spoodle) 
Glad you asked...this is a cross between a pure bred English Springer Spaniel and Poodle. The resulting puppies are a combination of the parent breeds as in other doodles. They may go by the name springerdoodle or sproodle.  
What makes the sproodle unique and why did we choose to add this breed to our program? I knew Maggie was a special dog from the moment we brought her home at 8 weeks old. She was immediately house trained, eager to please and bonded with the children quickly. I was so smitten with her that I contacted the breeder and reserved a puppy from her next litter and Mollie arrived, a sister to Maggie.  

I did not initially intend to add Maggie & Mollie to our breeding program and then I ran across my first sproodle: beautiful, wavy fleece coat and personality that never meets a stranger. It is my goal to introduce this up and coming designer breed to families who are seeking a medium sized doodle with an exceptional hypo-allergenic and non-shed coat.

Our Sproodles have turned out to be amazing!  Not only are they gorgeous, fun puppies here but we continue to get many updates on how well they are doing in their new homes and how much they are loved!

ODK introduced our first litter of Sproodles early 2014...we have since expanded our program to include standard and mini sized to accommodate our families' needs.  We have also introduced the first Merle colored Sproodles to the US!!  As always, we strive to offer the most unique and diverse puppies while maintaining optimal health and temperament for our puppy families!

For additional information regarding the breed characteristics I recommend that you research the purebred parent breeds: English Springer Spaniel & Poodle on AKC.org

Why a Sproodle??
For additional pictures of our Sproodle puppies please see our Facebook page to keep up with our puppies growing up in their forever homes!
ODK Sproodles
We keep an ongoing wait list for our Sproodle puppies- please see our Guarantee & Pricing page to learn more about our process.  Our puppies are available to our families on the wait list and picked in order of deposits we receive with the list below.  Contact for any additional information and to place deposits for a future ODK Sproodle!
**Scroll to the bottom for our next planned litters**
We have expanded our breeding program to include both standard sized and mini sized Sproodles.   We specialize in various colors including the traditional spaniel markings as well as the first to offer Merle Sproodles in the US!
**Standard Sproodle: App. 20# height/ 35-55#
**Mini Sproodle: App. 16# height/ 20-30#
**Moyen (Medium) size range- App 25-35#-- Will be pulled from our existing Standard & Mini wait lists in order of deposits received when we have a Moyen litter**
These are estimates as each puppy may mature individually!

Please note- these are confirmed breedings and expected due dates.....however every breeding does NOT always result in pregnancy.  We must rely on Mother Nature's plans along the way!

**Sproodle Wait List-- $200 NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT REQUIRED**  When placing a deposit and being accepted to our wait list you will specify interest in Standard size, Mini size or both- Moyen litters will be offered to both preferences as this is 'in between' our Standard and Mini size ranges.  Please review our Guarantee & Pricing page as this explains much of the reservation process.
If you are interested please send an email to odkpups@gmail.com or use the contact page- thanks!
​1.  Ketura B.- deposit confirmed- MINI
2.  Kandace P.- deposit confirmed- STANDARD
3.  Chelsea B.- deposit confirmed- MINI (Millie Interest)
4.  Lynn/Jim T.- deposit confirmed- STANDARD
5.  Daniela R.- deposit confirmed- MINI (Wait- after 7/2021)
6.  Chloe M.- deposit confirmed- STANDARD/MINI (Millie Interest)
7.  Chloe M.- deposit confirmed- STANDARD/MINI
8.  Devereaux M.- deposit confirmed- MINI
9.  Kelly P.- deposit confirmed- MINI
10.  Melinda L.- deposit confirmed- STANDARD (Josie Interest)
11.  Gabrielle B.- deposit confirmed- STANDARD (Josie Interest)
12.  Susan F.- deposit confirmed- MINI
13.  Katlyn B.- deposit confirmed- STANDARD
14.  Norma R.- deposit confirmed- STANDARD
15.  Carrie W.- deposit confirmed- STANDARD/MINI
16.  Jeffrey M.- deposit confirmed- MINI (Millie Interest)
17.  Leanne S.- deposit confirmed- MINI (Millie Interest)
18.  Anar/John G.- deposit confirmed- MINI
19.  Jill M.- deposit confirmed- MINI
​20.  Amy H.- deposit confirmed- STANDARD (Millie/Josie Interest)
21. Tracy W.- deposit confirmed- STANDARD
22. Teresa S.- deposit confirmed- MINI (Millie/Josie Interest)
23. Christine F.- deposit confirmed- STANDARD (Millie/Josie Interest)
24. Garrett & Jennifer- deposit confirmed- STANDARD/MINI (Millie Interest)
25. Jenny T.- deposit confirmed- MINI
26. Janice T.- deposit confirmed- STANDARD
27. Jane G.- deposit confirmed- MINI
28. Katy V.- deposit confirmed- STANDARD (Millie/Josie Interest)
29. Melinda H.- deposit confirmed- STANDARD (Millie Interest)
30. Suzanne S.- deposit confirmed- STANDARD
31. Cecelia B.- deposit confirmed- MINI
32. Makayla W.- deposit confirmed- MINI (Millie/Josie Interest)
33. Mallory S.- deposit confirmed- STANDARD/MINI (Millie/Josie Interest)
34. Hannah M.- deposit confirmed- MINI (2021)
35. Kathy P.- deposit confirmed- MINI (Millie Interest)
36. Abigail T.- deposit confirmed- MINI/STANDARD (Millie/Josie Interest)
37. Jennifer G.- deposit confirmed- MINI​ (Millie/Josie Interest)
38. Kara L.- deposit confirmed- STANDARD
39. Melinda/Garrett W.- deposit confirmed- STANDARD (Millie Interest)
40. Amy N.- deposit confirmed- MINI (Millie/Josie Interest)
41. Ilsa L.- deposit confirmed- MINI (Millie Interest)
42. Morgan D.- deposit confirmed- MINI (Millie Interest)
43. Christy H.- deposit confirmed- STANDARD/MINI (Millie/Josie Interest)
44. Cydne R.- deposit confirmed- STANDARD/MINI
45. Ana C.- deposit confirmed- MINI
46.  Rashika H.- deposit confirmed- STANDARD
47. Cynthia L.- deposit confirmed- MINI
48. Erin B.- deposit confirmed- MINI

Miss Sallie & Bugsy Mini Sproodles Due Around 3/24/21!  Miss Sallie has much impressed with her past puppies and we look forward to this pairing!
**ARRIVED 3/23**
Miss Sallie's previous litter
Daddy Bugsy
Daddy Bugsy
Miss Lizzie's previous litter
Miss Lizzie & Bugsy Mini Sproodles Due Around 4/12/21!  Lizzie & Bugsy puppies have been great and we are excited to look forward to another litter from these two!
Daddy Bugsy
Miss Millie -- F1 Sproodle
Miss Millie & Bugsy Moyen F1B Sproodles Due Around 4/13/21!  Millie was born here at ODK- daughter of Libbie & Luke.  Millie is a smaller Standard Sproodle & her puppies should mature in the Moyen size range.  F1B generation would be recommended for those with higher allergy levels or wanting more of the Poodle in their Sproodle:)  F1B= App 2/3 Poodle & 1/3 English Springer Spaniel
**ARRIVED 4/12**
Miss Josie & Scooby Moyen Sproodles Due Around 4/16!  We are very excited and hopeful to meet Miss Josie's 1st litter!  This should be an excellent pairing with plenty of color.
**ARRIVED 4/12**