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Our gorgeous Mini English Cockapoos Have Arrived 9/18/18!! 
Puppies are priced at $1500 
$200 Deposit required to reserve a spot on the wait list.
Puppies should be able to join their forever families around 8 weeks old-- 11/13!
Miss Ariel- English Cocker Spaniel
Bugsy- Miniature Merle Poodle
Ariel & Bugsy Wait List
1.  Kim G.- deposit confirmed-Chocolate Merle Female
2.  Lauren G.- deposit confirmed- Black & White Male
3.  Katelyn H.- deposit confirmed- Blue Merle Male
4.  Kristine K.- deposit confirmed- Black Female
5.  Lesley C.- deposit confirmed- Black & Tan Male
6.  Jamie M.- deposit confirmed- Brindle Female

Miss Ariel and her newborn babies!
3 Handsome Boys & 3 Gorgeous Girls
Blue Merle Male
Puppy Pictures--9/30/18
Black & Tan Male
Black & White Male
Brindle Female
Black with White Tips-- Female
Chocolate Merle Female
Blue Merle Male
Black & Tan Male
Black & White Male
Brindle Female
Black with White Tips Female
Chocolate Merle Female
Blue Merle Male--4.2#-- RESERVED
Black & Tan Male--3.3#- RESERVED
Black & White Male--3.7#--RESERVED
Brindle Female--4.0#-- RESERVED
Black- White Tips Female--3.7- RESERVED
Chocolate Merle Female--3.7#--RESERVED
Photos 10/29/18
Blue Merle & Black Tan Pups
Black/White & Brindle Pups
Black & Chocolate Merle Pups