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Our Lovely Girls
Bella is a fun loving F1 chocolate phantom labradoodle.  Her dam is a large chocolate AKC Labrador and her sire is a black and white AKC parti standard poodle.  She has a beautiful wavy coat.
Maggie is an AKC registered English Springer Spaniel and has begin our Sproodle line at ODK.  She is our children's fun and loving playmate and Maggie has never met a stranger and is eager to greet everyone that arrives on our doorstep
Mollie is an AKC registered English Springer Spaniel and sister to Maggie.  She is also a Sproodle mommy and such a sweet girl who loves the kids and everyone she meets.  She always seems to have a smile on her face!  She is our foundation to ODK Sproodles!
Libbie & Sadie
AKC English Springer Spaniels
These two girls are sisters have been raised with our family from puppies!  
ODK Paisley's River "Banks"
AKC Standard Poodle- Apricot
Banks is one of our very own puppies born to Sienna and Razz.  We were very lucky to bring this girl back to our country home and we adore her!
Banks with her mom Sienna
ODK Libbie Lou
AKC English Springer Spaniel
Liver & White- ​App. 40#
Miss Libbie has grown into a such a good natured girl, always happy, tail wagging and looking for attention!
ODK Sadie May
AKC Registered English Springer Spaniel
Black/Tan Tri- App. 35#
Miss Sadie is a sweet and gentle girl of course in the nature of all of our Springers loves to be cuddled!
ODK Lady Gabriella  (Gabby)
Registered English Cocker Spaniel
Liver/Tan- App 20#
Miss Gabby is sweetheart & loves to cuddle and be right by side wherever I go!
ODK Ariel of the Sea 
Registered English Cocker Spaniel
(Sister of Gabby)
Black/Tan  App 25#
Miss Ariel is a fun spirited little lady that loves to socialize and play!
ODK Lady Luna
AKC Registered English Springer Spaniel
Brown & White-  App 40#
Miss Luna is the daughter of our ESS Dad Johnny Cash and has been with us since a pup!  She is very calm and gets along well with everyone.