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Best Practices & Guarantee
The health and wellness of our parent dogs and puppies offered for sale is our top priority.  We have strived to obtain the best example of the breed including health, structure and temperament.  All of our parent dogs are kept up to date on vaccinations and parasite prevention to include monthly heartworm preventative and flea/tick treatment.  They receive a high quality meat based feed enriched with Omega.  All of our dogs receive complete veterinary care and of course plenty of attention and exercise time.  We expect the same from our prospective puppy  families.  Please do not commit to the purchase of a puppy if you cannot accept the responsibilities that come with it. 

That being said, our first guarantee is that we will always be available to take back a puppy we have sold.  We understand that unexpected events occur in life and we never want one of our dogs to end up in a shelter....or worse.  We will take the responsibility of finding a suitable replacement home.  *Please note- there will be no refund available in the event of a return due to life changes- we are merely trying to protect our puppies.

All puppies will receive bi-weekly de-worming beginning at the 2nd week of age.

All puppies will receive a full veterinarian examination and the 1st series of vaccinations at 6 weeks of age.

All puppies will have dew claws removed by a veterinarian during the 1st week of life.
Sproodle tails will be docked to approximately 1/3 length. We understand that this is often a controversial topic, however we have chosen the above guidelines based upon scharacteristics of parent breeds to produce a well balanced conformation suitable for field and performance.

All puppies will remain at ODK until 8 weeks of age.  Puppy picks will be made at 6 weeks of age after puppies have received their first vaccinations.  Please see below for more information regarding our best practices and policies for puppy reservations and picks.

You will receive a puppy care packet to include a health record, collar & leash, toy with litter-mate scent and sample of your puppy's diet.  We feed and recommend Purina ProPlan puppy chow for the first year, however you are welcome to switch your puppy's diet as recommended by your veterinarian.

We offer a 1 year General Health Guarantee and a 2 year Hip/Elbow Guarantee

Please see the link below for the full terms and conditions of our guarantee

ODK Puppy Guarantee

Puppy Reservation Process

While we do not require an official application to reserve one of our puppies, I accept inquiries via email and phone. Before I accept a deposit to hold one of our puppies I do want to ensure that all questions are answered by our new families and that we are able to offer a suitable puppy to your home.

• We keep an ongoing wait list for our upcoming litters- at times this list may be put on hold.  A deposit ($200) is required to be placed on our wait list.  Please note: deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE- we cannot refund your deposit simply because you change your mind.  This creates multiple issues as other families have been turned down while we were holding your spot.  Deposits are only refunded in the unfortunate case that we are unable to provide your puppy due to illness or death.  

Puppies will be picked by their prospective families at the 6 week age in order of the wait list with confirmed deposits. This will be done by photos/video---please note that we will no longer accept visitors for puppy picks. This is a direct recommendation by our veterinarian to increase biosecurity measures to keep our puppies safe & healthy in order to come home to you. I am more than willing to work with each family individually to make certain you receive a compatible puppy for your home. While there is always some difference in personality amongst a litter, all of our puppies are raised from parent breeds in a consistent manner to produce wonderful family friendly pups that are socialized by our family with children. We are happy to offer references from other puppy families if you wish. 

Puppies are ready to leave for their forever homes at 8 weeks of age. Please do not reserve a puppy if you are not able to pick up your puppy during this time. It is only fair that our puppies are introduced to their new homes at this age in order to settle in appropriately and not be the only pup left. I am completely flexible up to 1 week- however the balance for your puppy needs to be paid in full by 8 weeks old or the weekend pick up date as set.  Any time after this must be discussed individually and an additional fee may be inferred to cover medical and boarding expense of a minimum of $10 per day. **Note--if you have reserved a puppy at the 6 week puppy pick and later defer/ change your mind before the 8 week pick up time- you will be moved to the bottom of the wait list if you wish to keep a spot-- while we understand that sometimes unforeseen events occur- this again creates multiple issues and our #1 priority is that our puppies have responsible and reliable homes ready for them.

Deposits are accepted by check, Paypal, or Venmo for your convenience. Please note: deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE except in the unfortunate circumstance that something happens here where your puppy is no longer available. If for some reason your puppy preference is not available when your turn arrives to pick (ex: sex or color has already been picked ahead of you)- we can forward your deposit to our next available litter.


Balance due at pick-up needs to be in the form of cash, bank cashier check Venmo or Paypal- we will not accept personal checks at pick-up. If you are having your puppy transported the balance must be paid in full before your puppy leaves.

We are able to work with you to arrange transport via personal ground transport services. Quotes and estimates will be given on an individual basis based on mileage to your location.  We have a good network of ground transport providers offering door to door transport with personal care along the way.  **Note we are no longer offering air transport- we can arrange personal carrier service on airline to your location- individually quoted based on airline fees and our transporter time/fees incurred.

Please know that we have these policies in place to protect your new puppy so that you are able to welcome the perfect companion into your home & that we ensure our puppies are only going to the most wonderful homes!

Puppy Pricing
We have taken great consideration in pricing our puppies and strive to remain at or below a comparable market, while still ensuring that we maintain our exceptional quality and care of our puppies as well as our parent dogs.  Much of our profit is put directly back into our program and for the benefit of our parent dogs to provide veterinary care, professional grooming and superior upkeep and improvements to their living space.  Our dogs are always kept in excellent health and provided attention and room to run & play each day in their 2 acre play yard.  NO 24/7 kenneling- I ensure a high quality of life to each of our parent dogs.  

**Note:  Our previous puppy families, military families, and those seeking 2 puppies are always given a 10% discount to our current pricing.  

Our prices remain the same regardless of sex/color/pattern-- this is a personal preference and we do not believe that any sex or color is indicative of a price difference!

**2021 PRICING- Sproodles- Mini/Moyen/Standard:  $1800.00