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Miss Sadie & Bugsy Mini Sproodle Puppies Have Arrived 11/11/18!  We are pleased to announce the arrival of this colorful group of pups!  Puppies will be 8 weeks old and ready to join their forever families in the New Year- 1/6/19.
Puppies are available in order of our standing wait list with deposits in place:

1. Jennifer L.- deposit confirmed- #26 Female
2. Loraine L.- deposit confirmed- #27 Female
3. Natalie S.- deposit confirmed- #25 Female
4.  Troy K.- deposit confirmed- #22 Male
5.  Eduardo A.- deposit confirmed- #24 Male
6.  Jamie R.- deposit confirmed- #21 Male
7.   Vicki S.- deposit confirmed- #23 Male

4 Boys & 3 Girls
Sadie's Boys-- 11/22/18
Sadie's Girls-- 11/22/18
Puppy Photos-- 4 Weeks Old-- 12/9/18
Blue Collar
Blue Merle Phantom Male
Green Collar
Brown Phantom Male
Black Collar
Chocolate Merle Male
Orange Collar
Black & White Male
Red Collar
Blue Merle Female
Purple Collar
Blue Merle Parti Phantom Female
Pink Collar
Brown & White Female
#21 Blue Collar Male
Blue Merle Phantom 
#22 Green Collar Male
Brown Phantom
#23 Black Collar Male
Chocolate Merle 
#24 Orange Collar Male
Black & White
#25 Red Collar Female
Blue Merle
#26 Purple Collar Female
Blue Merle Parti Phantom
#27 Pink Collar Female
Brown & White 
Puppy Photos-- 12/20